The Board of Directors of Life Line Homes welcomes your church or 501(c)3 organization’s application for funds to support your outreach ministries to children and youth in need.
Applications are welcome in three areas: (A) the Crisis Intervention Program, (B) the Youth Development Program, and (C) the Educational Assistance Program. There are several key words or concepts that the Board of Directors look for in evaluating applications. The first is NEED... We feel a stewardship obligation to use our limited funds where the need is the greatest. The second is LEADERSHIP... Among the many who have need, there are some with excellent potential to become leaders in the church and the community. The third is OUTREACH... Rather than funding projects for those already within the church, we hope to encourage churches to reach out to youth at the edge of the group and beyond in the community.
There are also several types of projects that we have chosen NOT to consider. For example, we normally do not fund capital projects, large equipment items, salaries for youth pastors, or large public rallies. We prefer applications that focus on the needs of individual young people rather than large groups, new projects rather than existing programs, and short term or start-up funding rather than long term commitments. Grants typically range from a few hundred to $2,000. Larger amounts are sometimes given if the project is very compelling.
Our prayer is that together, and by the grace of God, we can influence the minds and hearts of many young people to accept Jesus Christ and to live for him. It is VERY IMPORTANT to Life Line Homes that agencies or churches who receive our grants REPORT BACK to us  1) How the money was used;  2) The success (or failure) of their venture for the Lord;  3) Return any unused money;  4) Share pictures and/or testimonials, with permission, for use in our future publicity (printed or on the web).
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